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Adult Programs and Services

Adult Developmental Day Treatment Clinic

Our adult program focuses on independent living and work skills for clients with developmental disabilities. Through work contracts with local factories and a fully operational greenhouse, we provide job training that can lead to community employment. Below are some of the programs offered at the Adult Day Treatment Clinic. Nursing, PT, OT and Speech therapy are available if indicated.

Mamo Van


We offer a wellness program presented by our nursing staff entitled “Health Matters.” Clients will learn about illnesses, proper hygiene, and anything health related. 


Speakers are invited to come and talk to our clients.

They have included:
  • Partners for Inclusive
  • Communities
  • Police and Fire
  • Departments
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Cook Smart- Eat Smart
  • US Postal Services
  • Retired Teachers
Guest Speaker Officer
Stage Show


Special events are held throughout the year.     

We host many things and have an open door policy in which family members are invited to come in and see our center at any time. For example: At Thanksgiving, we prepare a feast for our clients and their families. We have a very successful turnout and enjoy a wonderful fellowship with everyone. There are many other holidays that we celebrate throughout the rest of the year. We like to have fun too! Sometimes we will spend leisurely time on Friday in our pajamas! We may watch a movie and eat popcorn and just relax!


We have trips to our local community center to swim, play basketball and walk. We work on our reading skills with a retired teacher who volunteers her time. We offer a computer lab. There are many opportunities to work on social skills in our community. WORK OPPORTUNITIES: Work and volunteer opportunities are encouraged through a person-centered planning process. We may help out at a local animal shelter or volunteer to clean a local church or small business. We assist our clients in finding employment that matches their skills and interest in the community.

Community Lawn Care

Special Olympics

Special Olympics Arkansas

Special Olympics are a big part of our center. We participate in basketball tournaments in Russellville, softball tournaments, bowling, bocce, and track & field events held at Cabot High School.

Special Olympics Racers Special Olympics Group Special Olympics Group in Basketball Court

Supported Employment

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Building Bridges partners with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services to offer supported employment services. Supported employment services help individuals with the most significant disabilities get and keep jobs in the workforce. As part of this process, our job coach will seek out potential employers that are willing to hire individuals with disabilities.

The focus is to develop competitive jobs that allow individuals with developmental disabilities to earn an income, pay taxes and work in an environment alongside others in the community

The Supported Employment Department supports individuals in every aspect of work from vocational assessment and job development to on-the-job training and follow-along support as needed.

The employer must be willing to hire a qualified individual for a position in their organization that pays at least minimum wage and provides at least 15 hours of work per week and provides orientation to the individual along with clear expectations of the job duties.

The job coach will initially be present during any work hours to support the individual in learning how to do the job, determine if the individual has any support needs in order to perform the job, educate the employer about any support needs, and assist the individual meet the demands of the workplace. Over a period of time, the job coach will begin fading their assistance. Ready - Willing - Able to WORK